No More or Less Than Infinite




Conflict & Olive Oil


Fishing Light






This project is comprised of images that represent past personal histories.

Members of each side of my family are represented by photographs

of objects that act as a motif relating to significant details of their past.

These are set against lyrics taken from: Greek folk music

Rembetiko*, poems by Cavafy & historical texts.


The work explores the relationship between the photographic image and memory,

the photograph seen in the context of the family album acts as a trigger,

providing an insight into the past.


These images are sometimes, used as a direct reference to a person/event

but often in the case of the composite images

the outcome is intended to evoke a more poetic/open-ended narrative.

This is concerned less, with an 'individual portrait'

but is intended to place the individual identity

in the centre of intersecting cultural/historical currents.


The work is open to differing interpretations that are dependant

on the cultural and historical perceptibility of the individual viewer.


*Urban working class blues music

banned by the Greek state and often written in code.